Warnings on the Misuse of Astrology

If I’m being honest, I’m quite hesitant to share this, knowing how most people feel about astrology. Within academic circles, it’s well-established that astrology doesn’t hold much empirical value, but anywhere else, it’s intuitively understood to be relevant and useful. In other words, despite scientific experiments debunking the claims that it can predict the future and understand a person’s personality, it’s still used as a tool for understanding the self and one’s position in the world.

There are three important points:

  1. Astrology is not a kind of psychology.
  2. Blaming the stars for the consequences of one’s bad choices is irresponsible.
  3. Relying on the words of a fraud astrologer, especially if they’re out to exploit you, is dangerous.

I feel like these things are commonsensical. Equating astrology with psychology is not new, but whereas psychology shifts based on new information (the way science ought to be), astrology has remained static. Does that make it reliable or stubborn? On the second point, I’d like to think that people are more reasonable. There are those who tend to remove accountability from themselves, by making their choices — and the consequences thereof — a result of transits, retrogrades, or the position of their sun during the time of their birth. All of these things are out of one’s control. While it’s philosophically healthy to remove any expectation of how things should turn out, it’s important to remember that we are still part of the world. Our actions affect others. Our sun sign doesn’t give us the right to manipulate or abuse others. The retrograde isn’t what caused you to disrespect your friend and ruin your friendship. Finally, I feel like the third point is something people know but often forget. There are quacks out there who exploit those who have a genuine desire to understand themselves and grow from their past experiences. People lose their possessions on the word of a fraud.

Astrology is a brilliant tool that reminds us of our place in the universe. But, like any tool, it can be misused. So, as the astrologer Zenaida Seva said, “The stars don’t hold our fate: they are only a guide. Let’s use our free will.”




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Carl Lorenz Cervantes

Carl Lorenz Cervantes

Likes Negronis, psychoanalysis, and the paranormal.