Shared Consciousness and Transpersonal Healing

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A few months ago, I published an essay called “Toward a psychological study of occult phenomena”. There, I talked about how science is biased towards the notion that everything can be reduced to the interaction of small parts. This materialist paradigm can’t explain things like consciousness or paranormal phenomena such as telepathy, so it simply ignores those things. But there is another perspective that provides an explanation for these strange things. It’s called the transpersonal world view, and it says that consciousness exists beyond the brain. It also says that consciousness is shared and that the brain is simply a receiver of this consciousness “signal”.

Now let us place the two perspectives of materialist and transpersonal side by side and differentiate them.

Maybe the most important point is the one that pertains to the application of the transpersonal world view on healing. Spirituality is an important dimension of the human experience. Traditional healing is highly spiritual. It believes that many physical illnesses have spiritual explanations. We underestimate the power of consciousness and the effect of our psyche on the health of our body. The transpersonal world view bridges the gap between modern and traditional modes of healing. Whereas the materialist will focus on measuring and balancing the body, the transpersonal healer takes a more holistic approach. Mind and spirit are part of the body, and both can facilitate physical healing. It also works the other way around: disciplining the body stimulates and balances the mind and spirit.

This isn’t about merging Eastern and Western practices, or recovering ancient wisdom. This is just something we’ve known for a while but have been struggling to put into words.




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Carl Lorenz Cervantes

Carl Lorenz Cervantes

Likes Negronis, psychoanalysis, and the paranormal.