A reflection on “The Fool” in tarot.

Photo by Laurie Byrne on Unsplash

Spirituality is an important dimension of the human experience.

The All is mind; the Universe is mental.

— The Kybalion

The old sages and shamans have always understood that there is a world beyond the self, and that all people across all dimensions, share this world. The individual is part of their environment and they can’t be observed separately…

Who are the people attracted to woo woo?

Don’t blame the stars for your bad choices.

An essay about my favorite cocktail: the Negroni.

Photo by Andrea Riezzo on Unsplash

Romanticizing home.

The view from a condominium in Katipunan.

Messy, messy animals.

Carl Lorenz Cervantes

Likes Negronis, psychoanalysis, and the occult.

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