On “New Agers”.

The New Age movement, which is so often filled with wishy washy woo woo, is rooted in a real human desire to self-actualize. — From New Agers

On “The tyrannical rule of the heavens: A few warnings on astrology”.

An essay about my favorite cocktail: the Negroni.

Photo by Andrea Riezzo on Unsplash

Romanticizing home.

The view from a condominium in Katipunan.

Messy, messy animals.

Loneliness, mental breakdowns, and getting blacked out drunk.

Academia as a lifestyle.

Students at a lecture by Leopold Schönbauer (1948). From the Austrian National Library on Unsplash.

Carl Lorenz Cervantes

Likes Negronis, psychoanalysis, and the occult.

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